Blockchain's new innovation - Amazing Unit

Amazing Unit is a BlockChain based CryptoCurrency which aim is to help the people


Token name: Amazing Unit
Ticker symbol: AMU
Decimals: 18
Contract Address: 0x1e9421331f19e6c4ba79bce22582e3f34c4cf506
Starting Pre-Sale price: 0.03$
Minimum purchase: 100 AMU

What is AmazinG Unit?

Amazing Unit is BlockChain Based CryptoCurrency. It aims to help the helpless people,poor people, Children & women. In this world there have much helpless people,poor people, helpless woman & children. Amazing Unit only works for those people and in this way all people will be happy in this world & it is AMU’s main aim.

Road map

Q1 2020


Q2 2020

Market Research

Q3 2020

Start of platform Development

Q4 2020


Q5 2020

Listing on Exchange


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